Friday, November 16, 2007

The interconnectedness of things

I am amazed by how interconnected everything I am learning is. Anyone who is familiar with Jay Abraham's work knows that among other great things it centers around a couple of things:
a) Getting the most profit from the least amount of work and constantly scanning one's business and life for windfall profits that have yet to be discovered or exploited.
b) The strategy of preeminence in which the seller transforms into the customer's number one advisor and confidante.
Now contrast that with Yaro Starak from the blogging mastermind and his ideas:
According to him a great blog basically centres around two ideas:
a) Getting the most profit from the least amount of work: To this end, Yaros heavily suggests outsourcing anything that is not one's strength or competency. Side note: A lot of the articles that I have to read as part of Jay's mentorship program encourage one to discover one's passions and competencies and work on those while delegating or outsourcing everything else.

b) That a great money making blog has two components:
* Pillar content: First of all one must know which niche they wish to serve through the information they post on their blog. Then they must create content so compelling and useful to the niche they serve that it can be relevant to the niche years from when it's written and therefore act as an asset in the long term.
*Marketing:One must establish communication channels that will reach maximum numbers of people from the niche one serves. As you would probably know, Jay Abraham's great gift is in marketing.
Again, it's absoloutely fascinating how interconnected everything is and my force and energy is getting concentrated in one direction (financial freedom) with all sources of information guiding me in the same general direction.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Internet Marketing

Hey guys,

Just thought I would recommend this site. It's one of the ways I got certain about wanting to be mentored by Jay Abraham it has a large number of free interviews with business and marketing experts. Below is a short description of it. Hope it is useful to me as it has been to me:

"Over 117 Hours of FREE Audio Interviews
With Sales, Marketing and Business Success Experts."

Michael Senoff's is the world's leading
FREE digital audio business library that uses the power of personal
interviews and storytelling to capture and relay the advice of
world-class business experts. Get free audio interviews of the
experience and guidance of business leaders on the subjects of
direct marketing, business buying, writing, effective
advertising, referral marketing, negotiating, product development,
marketing consulting, and the art of how to get free advertising.
Take the tour at now at -

Hope that helps,

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quick update

I have been busy moving forward and as a result I have been away from this blog for WAAAAYYYYY TOOOO LONNG but I am back to give a quick update on the huge strides forward I have made in recent days.

1) The articles I read by Dr. Covey and Brian Tracy continue to impact me deeply. I was due to submit my passive self-income audit (basically a 16 page questionaire whereI assess where I'm at) YESTERDAY but I have just been synethesizing and rewriting and as soon as I'm done here I will get right back to the work of finishing it up and sending it off.
2) The mentorship program has a plethora of articles. The articles have a plethora of useful, immediately actionable resources and information. I have decided, rather than going through the articles, 2-3 a day (which is what I have been doing, with limited success), I will go right back to the begining and try to suck every drop of usefulness out of each article especially the Dr. Covey article, the Brian Tracy articles and the current article I am chewing over:
3) John Dudeck on Highest and Best Use: The first idea alone from this article is immediately applicable in my life. It is a challenge for me to find my strengths (like Popeye with his spinach, lol) and my areas of flow. I can't comment on this article too much because it was after reading this first great idea that I immediately felt I had to go back and fully appreciate and integrate the great info I had read from the other articles.

4) I have been focussing on improving my health, diet and far, great, my eating habits have dramatically improved, the 5 kilograms of junk that I took off during Unleash the Power Within(yup, for some reason during those 4 days I dropped 5 kilograms while eating about 6 meals a day and drinking water every half hour......I'm amazed myself). This brings my total fat loss to about 15 kilograms since the begining of the year. I'm working on consolidating the psychology neccesary to not only keep this going but push my body to places that previously would have been unimaginable (including dancing, endurance sports, martial arts etc etc)
5) I joined a Blog Mastermind run by Yaro Starak. Yarro's sends me audio and articles each week to read and APPLY and I have access to a forum where I can ask him and other members of the Mastermind ( we are about 240) questions that will help me commericalize my blog and make $4000-$6000 a month from 2 hours of work like Yarros.

6) The Blog will be moving to Wordpress: The first lesoon from Yarros is on how to transfer to Wordpress and the advantages of using Wordpress. Therefore, this blog and my MAS blog will be moving over there over the course of the next week.
7) I will eliminate my book review/story time blog for lack of time and merge it with this financial freedom blog and my MAS blog.

Finally, I am searching for a life coach because I am getting to the point where I am juggling way too much and my time management skills are very poor. I need someone to help me organize my life better, quantify the important areas of my life with greater clarity, help me uncover the MOST IMPORTANT AREAS TO WORK ON and things I simply shouldn't even work on. I have found a lady who seems quite promising and I will keep you posted on how it all goes.

And, oh yes, I am, also looking for a personal trainer in the health and fitness side. I just finished going through Pete Sisco's ebook. I first heard about Pete and his training methods about four years ago but in my mind I simply assumed he was a con-artist. After emailing a couple of personal trainers, hearing about his methods from Anthony Robbins and doing a bit of research on the net, I have come to see that his training methods are simply controversial but far from pseudo-science or con-artist scams. Therefore I have decided to go through the workouts proposed in his e-book, using, his online strength coach service as a guide. However to avoid mistakes I made in the past including poor form and 'over-exubarance', I'll get a personal trainer. I'll write this up more in my MAS blog

PS: I updated my networth to incorporate the remaining equity in my credit card (so far, I have spent about $4,000 and have about $700 left).

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Networth IQ

You may notice that to the right, there is a scale indicating my financial net worth. The straw that finally broke the camel's back on putting that on the site, BEFORE I start earning money was a coaching session by a man known as Scott Harris who is a trainer for Anthony Robbin's company and the interview I read of Brian Tracy by Jay Abraham. Boiled down into one simple, easy-to apply step it's this:

In any field of human endeavour, there are those few key behaviours that will produce the most singificant change, find out what they are and make sure you measure (i.e. QUANTIFY) your progress because measured behaviour improves whereas unmeasured behaviour may dissipate

With that in mind, I have decided to buy a journal, and I am going to work even harder to get a morning ritual that involves visualization and recording and measuring my progress in my journal. This journal will also record my health and fitness goals which I talk about in my MAS blog.
The legendary Dr. Wayne Dyer

Anyway, just a quick update.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Update on Jay Abraham's mentorship program

I am so excited because I have been busy as a bee on cordial; Jay has sent out about 30 documents for us to read by the 8th of November when we'll have our first mentor call. I am really getting impacted by articles on having a vision and defining life exactly as I want it. So far I have made the following changes:
1) I had planned to make the money first and THEN go after my life's bliss and purpose.
Instead the articles I have read thus far have really challenged me to INTEGRATE my vision for my life with my financial goals and let the passion from my life's desires spill over, no better yet, drive me, towards my financial goals and that way I'll achieve quicker. It's for that reason that I am now rewriting my life's plan synergizing even further my spiritual, financial, physical, achievement and other goals. Challenging stuff! Below are some key points on articles I have read thus far:

Dr Stephen Covey on Passion
Key insight: Start by thinking about your mission in life and gear EVERYTHING in your life around that. My goal coming into the program was to get passive income streams going AND THEN start pursuing my life's purpose. However Dr. Covey has inspired me to realize that I must pursue my life purpose FIRST and then check and see if passive income is in alignment with it.
Key action step: I must rewrite my self-assessment audit form beginning with my life mission first in mind rather than focussing on passive income first and then life mission second
Key questions: How can one make life planning fun? To me it seems like such a tedious lonely process. What ways have people managed to make it fun?
Jay Abraham interviewed by Anthony Robbins
Key insight: The infinite possibilities for growth if one is willing to measure and quantify the key areas of their life and constantly re-evaluate and re-measure these areas.
Key action step: Begin to quantify the key areas of my life - emotional. physical, monetary, spiritual???- and work out a fun plan of measurement and constant reevaluation.
Key questions: What are the fun systems that already exist to measure key areas that I can model and copy and how can I incorporate them into my day to day life?

Brian Tracy on Paying Yourself What You're Worth
Key insights: When engaging in any economic activity, ask yourself, "how much am I earning per hour doing this?", "Figure out the skill you are weakest at and make it the area of your greatest strength."
Key action steps: I will engage in the goal setting exercise set by Brian Tracy this evening.
Key questions: Perhaps some anecdotes in regards to the weakest skill exercise to support his ideas.
Stephen Covey (Dr. Covey's son) on Trust
Key insight: Trust causes expediency, we should see trust as a way of speeding up the lifting of everyone towards their goals.
Key action steps: Must dedicate myself to the study of how to build rapport with a wide variety of people as opposed to the narrow scope that I currently build rapport with; will begin the search for 'relationship and rapport' models
Key questions: Who are experts in the field of relationship building and rapport that I can model.



Friday, October 26, 2007

Thank God for Problogger

A few additional distinctions from the Problogger article on Darvas box theories (again these are my scribled notes)

Thank God for Protrader. Within their Darvas box tutorial they perfectly explain how to create a box:
Search for an all time high in a stock and if that price is not exceeded for a predetermined number of days –for Darvas it was 3- then that was the top of the box.
To create the bottom of the box we search for the lowest price not touched or exceeded for the last 3 days i.e. we do the same thing as finding the top of the box but in reverse.

I must create a trading rule regarding allowable capital risk per trade.

Calculate one’s break even

(Total cost of trading=(Parcel size*stock price)+ entry brokerage+ exit brokerage)/Parcel size
Here one can calculate the number of shares they need to buy and the price they require to break even-have no loss!!!

How to select an industry?
Darvas tended to trade in ‘expensive’ stocks believing you should buy dear and sell dearer and liked to invest in emerging and expanding industries.

I am now a member of Jay Abraham's mentorship program!

Part one of an interview with the richest man in Europe and 5th richest man on Earth

Just an update on what I have been up to:

a) Got access to materials from the Jay Abraham mentorship program. Great stuff! So far I have read through his ideas on preeminence and I have also read a transcript of one of the first exposures I ever had to Jay: an interview he did with Anthony Robbins. As we speak I am also reading through an interview he conducted with Dr. Stephen R. Covey.
I spoke about how I finished reading the Nicholas darvas classic: How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market. Darvas box theory was a bit complex to me and so I scampered about the net looking for some video or document that summarizes it. Then....another 'law of attraction'-type moment occured:

A couple of weeks back I had been searching for share trading educators and brokers so I could attend their free seminars and I found a company known as Protrader which sent me a free copy of their trading software package. As I was searching the net, looking for a simplified source of information on darvas box theory I began installing the Protrader software. Lo and behold, right there in the tutorial section was an explanation of the darvas box theory and how to apply it using Protrader. I have been going through the book again the last couple of hours trying to summarize his system and below are my scribbled notes so far:

Step one: Look for a stock that has recently reached a 52 week high.
Step two: Check for a stock that has had low trading volume and has suddenly had a huge surge in trading volume.

The reason we do this is because we assume if a stock is at a new high and more people are trading it, it’s a sign that more people are interested in that stock for one reason or another.

Step three: Make sure the stock you select is lively.


Step four: Wait for the stock to move from the box you found it up into the next box and then buy it if:
a) It’s trading volume is high, increasing and is dramatically higher than a year ago and previous months.
b) That’s had a surge of price following its arrival at a 52 week high.

Step five: Different stocks have different ranges that define the bottom and top of their boxes.

Step six: When you purchase place a stop loss immediately and if you won’t be available to buy the stock make sure you place an “on-stop” order for the stocks you would like.

Step seven: When a stock jumps into the next box, change the position of the stop loss to the top of the previous box.

Step seven: Select stocks from industries with high growth.

Remaining question: How to set the limits of the box? How to select an industry?

I should committ to my first trade some time in the next few hours......

Be blessed

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Darvas BoxesVisa, and Jay Abraham

Just thought I would send out an update on what I have been doing since I finished stage one of optimizing my blog for adsense.

1) Visa: The credit card I applied for came in. To maximize leverage I was expecting between $10,000 - $50,000 but instead I got a $5,000 limit. Now this doesn't give me the amount of $$ I was planning to spend or the emotional leverage that the $10,000 - $50,0000 would have given me but it was sufficient for me to sign up for:
2) Jay Abraham's mentorship program: That promises to teach me within 13 months how to be completely financially free. Does this sound like something credible coming from the 2 billion dollar man.
Yup! I first heard of Jay Abraham through Anthony Robbin's Powertalk series (which I talk about later).when he was interviewed by Anthony Robbins Later I heard of him through Stephen Pierce and Michael Senoff.
After hearing about him enough times I was convinced this was a guy to take a chance on and now I am a part of his 13 month mentorship program. Will keep you all posted!
3) Amazon affiliate: I am now a part of the self-proclaimed most succesful affiliate program on the Web; the Amazon affiliate program. I signed up for my Book Review/Story Time blog because I intend on using it to review books that touch me in addition to writing stories.

So what have I done with my Visa $ since I got it:
1) Bought Anthony Robbins Powertalk series: There are 66 CDs and I got them for about $330 dollars. I decided to get the series as I have listened to a few of his Powertalk interviews and decided I would like to model his interview style when I begin my own podcast show (I was forced to post pone this until early next year.)
2) Paid off a library fine from many years back: $300
3) Signed up for the mentorship program, giving it a 30 day trial: $3,300

4) Darvas Boxes: I finished reading Nicholas Darvas book. Great stuff! He completely breaks down his trading system that he used to net $2,000,0000. I have done some minimal research online and through my Technical association group and discovered that his ideas have stood the test of time. Therefore in the spirit of modelling success I will take time to fully understand his trading system and then begin "test trading" (with small amounts of money) either tonight or tomorrow night. Will keep you all posted.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Optimizing adsense ads design and positioning

When I first signed up for Adsense, the first thing I did was work on my ads design and positioning so that it blended seamlessly with the material. Therefore, it is for this reason that I skipped over Problogger's tips on optimizing positioning and design of adsense ads. Oddly enough, now that I have come to the end of the Problogger guide to maximizing adsense revenue, my adsense ads on all my three sites have disappeared. I am hoping I did not do anything to offend Google but I will keep you all updated. The next book I am going to read, or rather re-read is the E-myth by Michael Gerber because eventually I want to systemize all my passive income streams so that I can go out and focus on doing other things. Below is a video of a talk by the author Michael Gerber


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Part 3 of Opimizing Adsense Revenue: Relevant Ads

Today I skimmed over Problogger's tips to making sure the ads on your site are relevant (i.e. they are in line with the blog content and therefore optimize on adsense revenue). Here are some things you can do to make sure adsense gives you relevant ads:
1)Increasing key word density: Once you have gone through the process of identifying keywords that produce high paying ads, make sure to include the key words in the title, first pargraph and sprinkle it throughout the article making it bold,underlining it etc.
2)Check your articles, sidebars, headings etc to make sure that you're not regularly using keywords that have nothing to do with your blog topic.
3) Block irrelevant ads.
Below is the most watched video in Youtube history -61 million views- the Internet definitely has potential for communicating ideas, no doubt in my mind.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

High Paying Google Adsense Words

I skimmed over the Problogger guide to getting high paying adsense ads because I decided that I would focus on the final two factors that influence adsense revenue namely relevant adsense ads and optimally designed and positioned adsense ads. These are things that I can implement and apply immediately and easily and so I will finish them off before coming back to obtaining high paying ads and increasing blog traffic.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Financial Freedom? I am not alone

First of all, I changed the names and descriptions of my blogs. This was done for the sake of optimizing my blog to comply with high value key words.
How did I know whether a word is a key word? 1)The first method suggested by Problogger is to go to and type in key words that you would like to use in your site to see the number of searches on the 7 search site and the amount of the top bids.
2) The second is to go to Google, type in key words that you would like to use in your site, check the number of results and check the number of sponsored links as the number of sponsored links is....the number of advertisers bidding on a particular key word.
The great Napoleon Hill whose mega-classic Think and Grow Rich moved me at the core of my being

The reason I changed my blog's name to financial freedom is because of the following stats:
1) 7 search statistics on the term "financial freedom"
2) Google statistics on the term "financial freedom"

Secondly I am not alone! In the last hour I have found and subscribed to five blogs on financial freedom and it is so encouraging to see that we are a community. I will post their links on my site and attempt to get linkbacks from them. So look out for a box full of links to other great personal development blogs.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Have Stopped Increasing blog traffic

I have finished going over Problogger's tips for increasing traffic from the Adsense optimizing series. Clearly I still have a lot of work to do; at last check I was at 400 visitors. I have decided to maximize the other less interactive elements of my blog and still have the fundamentals covered on those so that I can come back later and focus 100% on increasing traffic to my site.


Blog Search Engine Optimization and some recommended reading

A couple of days ago I posted a list of blog search engines that I would subcribe to. I just thought I would post my progress with that:
Blogger Talk- added myself to blogger talk, posted my blog on the introduction page and tried to trade links with 2 users, awaiting reply.
Blogger Forum - joined and introduced the community to my blog.
IceRocket - signed up and registered my site,awaiting registration.
Bloglines- couldn't sign up will try later
BlogScope- couldn't sign up, will try later.
Sphere: couldn't sign up, will try later.
Time for a break. Let's hear some wisdom from Ugandan journalist Andrew Mwenda (he must have been born in Kenya, he carries himself in a manner so similar to Kenyans)

I signed up for the Blogger Help Group and added my blog to the share your blog section
I just signed up for a service known as Blogrush. I was refered to the service by the Blogger Talk Forum Please go to their homepage and have a look at their introduction video. It looks promising. Anyone with any information on this. Let me know.

I just got an email from a fellow member of the Unleash the Power Within alumni in which she recommended the book the One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen. I will probably borrow it sometime this afternoon and post a review on my Story Time blog. Below is an interview with the man behind the marketing of the mega-best seller the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren,

He he he silly me

I already had a social bookmarking icon that would allow readers to bookmark my blog, I had just added it as a page element for the entire blog instead of adding it at the end of each post. I have corrected this now and if you wish to socially bookmark any of my posts, you are now able to do so.
I have now registered and joined the Digg and delicious communities so that I can be a part of the community and get more traffic to my blogs as a community member.


Dig and

I am now registering with Digg and I have seen these two social bookmarking sites popping up all over the place. As would be expected Digg and are mentioned in my make-money-from-blogging-bible Problogger
The movie above talks exclusively about using and the videos below is on social bookmarking in general.

The video below talks about how to add a number social bookmarking icons to each of your articles. Prior to watching the video below read this article on How to Add Social Bookmarking Icons in Blogger from the Home Business Wiz website.

Google Webmasters

I have added yet another feature that I don't fully understand in the form of Google Webmaster Tools which I currently believe is a service that crawls over my website and gives me important statistics relevant to search engine optimization.

I have also began adding labels to each of my posts. I think this will make search engine optimization more effective.
I will quit working on search engine optimization for the time being so that I can go through the rest of the problogger adsense tutorial


There is a great pinging website known as ping-o-matic that allows one to optimize their blog for search engines by pinging to various search engines. Check it out, it seems great!

I won't lie, the sign up process for the various pinging services is easy but I have no idea what the consequences of what I have done. I am sure it will come together one sweet money filled day :-)


Search Engine Optimization

If you go to Problogger there is a great link to a series on the website Search Engine Journal on how to optimize one's blogger blog for maximum search engine optimization. Remember that according to problogger, 95% of his traffic is as a result of search engine optimization. I'll tell you how it all goes.


Some great tips gathered so far:
1) Link back to other related sites
2) Use bold and hyperlink text as often as is humanly possible
3) Make sure you use often searched terms often in your article.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting rid of $50,000 debt

Ladies and gentlemen, today I decided that I will voluntarily put myself 50,000 dollars in debt. "Why?" you may ask would I commit such a minor error in judgement? Let me backtrack to explain.

I did Unleash the Power Within (UPW) by Anthony Robbins......actually let me back track a little while before that......

A few months ago I was watching Youtube. For the last couple of years I have been a huge "personal development" information addict and so I was scouring the Internet searching for some soul food. Anyway I came across a video interview that Tony did with Larry King

Of all the things that Tony spoke about, the one thing that just lit my ass on fire was when he said:
ROBBINS: So, making that shift in identity is what makes a permanent change. Resolving something requires that you cut off any possibility of going backwards. It's burning the boat so you take the island and most people don't do that.

I couldn't sit still after that. I had goals....HUGE GOALS, I knew for a few years now that I wanted to be one of the greatest if not the greatest creative mind in African History and what was I doing about it? Nothing, I was taking baby steps and following other people's paths to mediocrity.

And so I took off to Sydney. Why? Just to shake myself out of a rut for go out and take full responsibility for my life and to discover my own unique voice.

I discovered my unique voice and now I know that my greatest need is to feel significant/special/unique and be a performer and so I know how I am going to contribute.

So I got my free UPW ticket (the story behind this is simply amazing, I'll share it later). Went to UPW made some radical decisions and in making my decisions I came to another realization, I wanted a life of extreme, risky adventure. Therefore I need to be special and I need adventure.

Anyway, today was the integration evening for UPW and the point was to continue the momentum. When I came home from UPW, I lost ALOT OF MOMENTUM! I was the person that people came to hug because I had so much energy in UPW, what caused the shift? I realized that as much as I am internally motivated, I also needed to have an external world that reflects my inside.

My goal is to make one million dollars in less than 4 months right? Takes money to make money right? I want a unique life of adventure right? Take $50,000 out of the bank, sign up for financial freedom education from the best teachers on Earth, including Jay Abraham below.

That's how I'm gonna do it to keep the pressure up: Can you imagine the pain if I can't pay?I'll use that as a motivator when my emotions feel like dwindling to put myself in state and achieve results. Anyway I am rambling at this point, I will go out for a run now and come back to work on my goal with 10 times the intensity of before.

Be blessed,

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Getting indexed on Google

These are my results after trying to add myself to the blog search engines listed in the previous post:'

Blog Search Engine – Linked to it.
Blogwise – not available
Eatonweb Portal – couldn’t list because it was a paid site
Blog Universe – partially paid service, skipped over it for the time being
Popdex – didn’t understand how to use it, skipped it.
Blogarama- linked and awaiting verification in about ten days
Blogdex – currently under construction couldn’t use it.
Globe of Blogs – listed awaiting review
Blizg – According to their site: “We’re gone”
Online Marketing Links- has expired or is awaiting approval
Weblogs Compendium – looks like its no longer running
Octopus Files – didn’t know how to use it. Skipped it. Seems like a great grassroots site though
Kmax- Wanted me to link to their site on their blogs and then email them and so I did that.
Open Weblog Directory – Seems like a spyware site.

After going through the entire list provided by Blog Business World, I have managed to link to one site and am awaiting approval on three of the sites.
In addition to that I am also awaiting review to my added to

What am I working on over the next couple of days?

I am working on getting my blogs listed on:

1) Blogger Talk

2) Blogger Forum

I went to, searched for blog search engines and came up with another list of search engines:

Google: Is your blog indexed on Google?

I am going through the article Google: Is your blog indexed? from the Blog Business World blog. The article was suggested by Problogger. The article lists 15 blog search engines that the author claims will rapidly improve your Google listing including:

  • Blog Search Engine
  • Blogwise
  • Eatonweb Portal
  • Blog Universe
  • Popdex
  • Blogarama
  • Blogdex
  • Globe of Blogs
  • Blizg
  • Online Marketing Links
  • Weblogs Compendium
  • Octopus Files
  • Kmax
  • Open Weblog Directory

In addition to that the author also taught me how to get my site listed on Google in the first place, something that as a rookie, I just did not know.


Getting listed on Search Engines

I am still exploring Adsense Tips for Bloggers from the Problogger wesbite.I am still going through the eight part series on maximizing adsense revenue
I am now working on Getting listed on search engines with prologger's publisher claiming that he gets up to 90% of his revenue from his search engines. I'll keep you all updated in the meantime check out another tip from Adsense king Joel Comm from Youtube


I have signed all my blogs onto technorati though I am yet to fully understand how it works. Tomorrow I will go into greater depth and detail as it seems like Technorati is a phenomenal resource to have.
I will also add my self to delicious and digg and then go back to the problogger article's script on maximizing adsense dollars
According to problogger, the man below, Joel Comm makes $15,000 a week from adsense. His book can be found here.

I am now using Haloscan

On the advice of Quick online tips website I will now use Haloscan for trackbacking. It is a more popular software and the website made a good case for it.
It is very easy to use and as you can now see I have trackback on my blog.
For a very easy explanation of what trackback is click here


Monday, October 15, 2007

Pinging and Trackbacking

I initially was having a hard time understanding what this problogger article meant when they referred to trackbacks and pinging as ways of increasing interactivity within one's blog until I watched the video below.

I now understand that:
1) Trackback is a way to let a blog author know that you are either responding to their blog post in your blog or your posting something similar to their content.
2) Pinging is when a ping is automatically sent to a pinging/aggregator software everytime you update your content.

For trackbacking, I am using code generated at

Final idea in terms of blog design

I eventually want to have the blog's template custom designed and will definitely have that done by the time my interviews from go to podcast on December the 1st. In the meantime some things I will implement to improve my blog's design:
1) Every single post will include pictures and/or videos.
2) Every post will include links to interesting articles.


Real Estate Mastery weekend

A lot of things learned over the course of the weekend and before I get to writing that down I think I'll just talk about how I felt about the whole thing.

1) The speaker, Steve Molnar, was extremely knowledgeable on the matter. The impression he put forth was that he was an introvert who obsessively spent most of his time studying how to maximize profits in the real estate market. Anytime people tried to contradict him he always had a knowledge filled come back and so far with one exception, all the knowledge he put forth has been verified by my mother, who is a builder (yes, my mother is a builder, how cool is that?)
2) There is enough information from UPW and the Real Estate Mastery for me to get started without needing to go to any other seminar in the near future.

3) The "consultation session": I use the term extremely loosely because essentially the session was a sales pitch session where they tried to sell me their services. When I refused, the sales man become very cold and distant and gave me half-hearted, dismissive answers or answers that tried to point me in the direction of buying their services. Overall I was interested in getting involved with them a few months down the road however his poor presentation means that I am less likely to do so and should I find a better real estate mastery educator with better staff I will immediately move over to them without hesitation. Sales truly is for a certain type of person I guess..........................

Over to the individual bits and pieces of information that I picked up. I wrote a lot of notes and I will skim through them and pick up a point or two from each page of notes:
1)People learn very well from stories and stories are a great way to convey many facts in an easy way.
2) Knowledge without action is dead.
3) As human beings we only have 2 innate fears: 1) Fear of loud noises 2)Fear of falling backwards. The rest are all programmed into us.
4) Model excellence.
5) I am 3 times more likely to succeed because I am an immigrant. Zig Ziglar has similar ideas regarding America and has many interesting stories to illustrate this.
6) The tools you use to acquire wealth and/or become financially free should be chosen on the basis of your goals and not the other way around i.e. You should decide on your end result first and then search for tools, knowledge and skills to get to your goal.
7)Two tier marketing: There are prices for locals and prices, usually higher, for foreigners (I can tell you heaps of stories about this from Kenya)
8) When you enter a field for the first time majority of the knowledge neccesary you don't know that you don't know as opposed to knowing that you know it and/or knowing that you don't know it.
9) Make sure you act, even though I fail, historically property has always risen over the medium and long term and so based on that one can make a comfortable (well as comfortable as it gets really in this uncertain world) assumption that eventually the mistake will turn a profit.
10) I should work my money hard.
11) I should become a sponge that absorbs information on my chosen goals from any and everywhere. Sponges expand as people. Develop a life long thirst for knowledge.
12) I should strive for numerous passive sources of income as opposed to a single active source of income a.k.a. a JOB (Just Over Broke)

13) Don't let ego get in the way of learning. Put the goal first and the ego far behind.
14) Weed out any negative beliefs you have about money before or while pursuing it as money (like fame and pressure) are magnifiers of the human experience exposing all your beauty and ugliness (oddly enough the mixture of poetic metaphor and money talk makes me very uncomfortable and so I think I may have some area to apply this idea)
15) Acquire an abundance mentality and become a striker; always putting yourself out there in pursuit of the goal not a defender; always defending the little you have.
16) Tip for life: When conversing with yourself, in ALL situations ask yourself open and postive questions: How can I improve this? How can I serve? How can I learn and grow from this? How can I enjoy this etc etc. This is opposed to making statements that are usually negative e.g. "It won't work!", "That's stupid", "I can't because of x,yz...." etc etc. I must say that that tip alone is one of the reasons I am where I am in life and one of the main things things I have gathered that successful people have in common.
17) 2 types of skeptics: 1) Open-minded skeptic 2)Close-minded skeptics. Don't be close minded but be open and always asking positive and open questions (i.e. a positive skeptic)
18) Small business owners have great decision making abilities because they constantly have to make decisions otherwise their business will go bust.
19) Tip for life: There is a difference between urgent and important. Health, financial freedom and happiness are always important but not always urgent. Find or innovate ways to make the constant and ever-expanding pursuit of these things as urgent as it is important.
20) Financial tip: Three cornerstones for financial freedom: 1)Saving 2)Working (meaning working to make the money work for you) 3) Investing. Push these three cornerstones to a place of urgency.

21) Tip for life: Don't have too many barriers/rules that prevent you from being happy and successful, make these things easy for yourself.
22) Avoid the tall poppy syndrome that's an important part of Aussie culture but strive towards an egalitarian society where people in all sorts of occupations are equals.
23) Trigger point: This is the point at which you have learned enough to act. Once you get there...ACT! (Complex,no?lol)
25) Quote from Dick Smith: "It doesn't matter if you have a 10 bedroom house, you only sleep in one bed at a time."
26) Systemize your business as soon as you can so that you can move on to the next challenge.
27)Always calculate the opportunity cost of not figuring out the quickest and safest and most enjoyable way to reach your goal.
28)Look for Proffesional and Sophisticated Investors, they have access to a world and ventures that I currently have no access to.

29) Decide on your ideal lifestyle and the money required and work backwards from there.
30) Most people Earn THEN Pay Tax AND THEN spend. However business people earn THEN spend AND THEN pay tax. Spend pre-tax dollars, not post-tax dollars.
31)Take MASSIVE and IMMEDIATE ACTION after the seminar (which is what I am doing now).
32) Renting your home without owning property IS DUMB!
33) When you decide there is no other choice and burn all bridges you will make your dreams happen.
34) Different result +Different psychology and different actions.
35) 2 types of debt: i) Good debt ii)Bad debt, idea put forth by Robert Kiyosaki.
36) This one stuck with me immediately. Tip for life: There are two types of people who give you information and/or advice that you accept: 1) People who have good intentions for you 2) People who have the best information. Great way to think when your friends, family and the people around you try to kill your dreams.
37) As part of being an open skeptic, you may also chose to be a contrarian, continually questioning what the masses are doing.
38) Wealth in financial terms can be described as a continuous and endless stream of disposable income.
39) When you take on a principle and interest loan, you usually end up paying back x3 of the loan. Interesting understanding for me going into the property market.
40) Make sure you understand the rules of the important games in your life, including financial, most people don't.
NB: I was curious as to why there aren't any high school courses on becoming financially free modelling people who are, to me it seems infinitely more helpful than some of the mathematics and physics concepts we learned like vectors (who in our class has intentions of going to the moon?)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Information from the wealthy

I absoloutely adore reading interviews, biographies and autobiographies regarding succesful people. I just thought I would share with you a couple of resources I have come into contact with over the past couple of weeks and the impact they have had on me.

Richard Branson Interviewed at TED

I expected a much more insightful interview from TED however there were definitely some insights gained:
1) Emphasized yet again: You don't need formal education as much as you need the right psychology to succeed: his headmaster said he would either be a millionaire or go to jail and he did both.
Another way this came through was when he spoke about how as a result of his dyslexia he was unable to read balance sheets and was already knee deep in wealth before he was taught how to differentiate between net and gross profit using a diagram of a net.
He is one of the few prominent business people that I believe has a genuine heart and will do good for the world.

Today I also picked up a free copy of Wealth Creator Magazine from the Invester Expo and in it they interview Australians under 40 who have built 100 million dollar companies in less than 10 years. Here are tips from the entrepreneurs:
1)Offer something new to the customer if you wanna be in the game long term.
2)Never give up: Said to be the most important thing. If you have an idea stick with it and change your approach until you succed.
3)Don't be afraid to fail: Accept that not all your projects will work and keep changing approaches until you achieve your preset objective.
4) Manage your cash flow:In other words in your early days, be as cheap as you possibly can.
5)Hire good staff:Make sure your team makes things move quicker and more efficiently.
6)Find mentor:Offer value to people of outstanding value within your industry. Learn from all their mistakes and pick up key distinctions that make them the best.

I also picked up Australian Business Review Weekly's Young and Rich Edition. After going through the list of the 100 wealthiest people under 30 I came away with the impression that the greatest industries for acquisition of large amounts of wealth is:
1) Real estate including commercial real estate and hotels, restaurants and pubs: This one has come up again and again. Trump does it, Oprah does it, if you're serious about wealth make sure you get into real estate.
2) Hedge funds: If hedge fund managers are among the richest people under 30, imaging how much the investors in hedge funds are making.Someone told me that apparently you need $50 million to join, regardless of whether this is true either invest in one or become a manager.
3) Technology: If you have a tool that will make millions of lives easier then put it to market, persist and you nevr know, you may find the pot of gold.

My five minutes at the australian stock exchange expo

First of all, going to the event I had completely forgotten to print my ticket. Feeling cocky I sauntered to the door and boldly declared that I had registered for the event but was too lazy to print out a ticket. Rather than pull out battons and engage in an LAPD beatdown, one of them allowed me in, giving me a warning to print off my tickets.
Every stall I walked by I was being asked to sign up for free expos and by the third sign up I realized something; I can't hang around the stalls because they're all promising the same thing: That through them I will make crazy money.
As an absoloute rookie to trading I knew I had no tools to discern between them and so I went to have a look at the free talks. I was underwhelmed about the talks going in and whenever I passed by a talk my level of passion and interest plummetted faster than Bush's approval rating.
It was at this point that I left.
Time spent there in total: Five minutes,

I am now back home. My plans for today:
1) A book I ordered on a few weeks back has finally come: Lessons from the greatest stock traders of all time by John Boik and so I will try to balance that with reading Ultramarathon man and Ethical Investing and hopefully have them all finished by mid next week.
2) I am working on my blogs and will continue going through all the tips offered by on this article: How I Make Money from Blogs - My Top Earners
3) I will contact ATAA (Australian Technical Analysts Association) and try to borrow some videos on how to create a trading system.
4) I will prepare for the Real Estate Mastery seminar tomorrow.

Blending ads and a footer

I have added a footer to my gmail emails:
I set a goal to earn a million dollars by my next birthday. Will I be able to do it? Find out by going to (btw the answer is I will do it):
Stay up to date with my day-today happenings at
In the mood for reading a few stories? Go to

I am hoping this will direct further traffic to my blogs.

I have tried to blend my ads more seamlessly into my blogs.Let me know what you think?


Tomorrow: ASX Investment Expo

I say tomorrow but I really mean today, its midnight on 12/10/2007 and in about 9 hours I will be attending the Australia Stock Exchange (ASX) Investment Expo. I am really looking forward to it particularly as I want to acquire a charting software.
Today, I mean yesterday, I mailed off letters to join the Australian Technical Analysis Association(ATAA) after faxing them the day before and I think the combination of my acquiring a charting software from the expo and my perusal of the ATAA's huge audiovisual library on creating a trading system and their meeting being held next week will mean that by next week I will definitely be trading.
Over the weekend I attend the free Real Estate Mastery seminar that I got as a result of attending Unleash the Power Within a few weeks back. I am definitely looking forward to that and I also intend on applying that information begining next week seeing as my mother is a builder and has a pretty great understanding of the Australian real estate market.
Therefore next week should be a huge busy week as I am also going to be going on a detox diet to get rid of my biscuit cravings and clear the way for me to eat either a vegan or vegeterian diet (I am unsure as to which is most benefitial to the body) and intend on researching this.
Anyway, I'm excited.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Feedburner is the way to go

If you want people to subscribe to your blog via email or a host of web feed services, Feedburner is definitely the way to go, they have all the resources and information needed to make it happen real quick, after stumbling over the web for a couple of hours, I have set both services up in less than an hour.


Web Feeds, RSS and a whole lotta learning

Today I am trying to give my readers as many ways to subscribe to my blog as possible. There are a couple of ways:
1) Using web feeds: This area is so complex to me at the moment I am yet to fully wrap my head around it, however some great resources that have helped my layman mind at least get to a point where I can use them is:
a) Wikipedia: For an overall understanding
b) Problogger: As always they have phenomenal tips on its practical application. Make sure you watch the video that tries to demistify web feeds, its pretty creative
c) Skinny Jeans: Another great site for overall simplified (or as they call it, explaining it 'the Oprah way') description of web feeding
d) Feedburner: I have started playing around with it but so far it seems that this is THE SITE you want to go to if you want people to subscribe to your blog, we'll see how it all goes.
e) Beta Blogger for Dummies:For an explanation of how to do it the HTML way please refer to: This method seemed to long and complex for me and I am currently trying out the Feedburner site that explains how to maximize Feedburner use on your blog:
f) Quick start for bloggers from Feedburner:

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Finally I got my contact forms up and running......

and I added a little thank you note and video for anyone who writes in to me using the contact form. The next step is to create a subscription to all my blogs and also to link in web feeds with news from Africa and Australia so that my blog becomes like a one stop shop. To recap, so far I have added:
1) Adsense ads
2) Adsense search bar
3) Contact forms
4) Thank you forms

Next will be RSS Feeds and that will probably be followed by designing the blogs to be more in line with their individual messages.

Thanks for that

If Sly could overcome all these obstacles, it makes one think that they are not really living up to their full potential day to day, doesn't it?


Contact forms and RSS feeds

I have spent almost the entire day trying to add contact forms and RSS feeds to my blog. A few problems:
1) I am not 100% sure just what on Earth an RSS feed is. This should be done by tomorrow.
2) The contact form service I discussed below is not working and I am trying to now use, it seems to be working well so far and I will push on with it tomorrow.

A lot of work getting this blog off the ground but its pretty fun.

Be blessed,

Contact me

Please fill in your details below and click the submit button. I will get to you as soon as I can :-)

Adding a contact form

According to the article on good blog design from, it is important to put a contact form in one's blog. I found a system for putting a contact form in a blog from The link can be found here
After struggling with it I finally figured out how to put the contact link on the sidebar as the article wasn't clear enough for me. Simply:
1) Copy the URL of the contact form.
2)Go to Customize
3) Select Template from the Navigation Bar.
4) Select Page Elements from the Header (therefore its Customize-Template-Page Elements)
5) Click Add a page element
6) Select to Add Text
7) Type in Contact me (or something similar for the title).
8) Type in a short message for the body like To contact me click here
9) Highlight the whole short message or the final two words (in the above case 'click here')
10) Select the hyperlink symbol from the text box (it can be between the Font symbol and the Align left symbol in the text box).
11) In the hyperlink box Paste the URL of the contact form.

This is how I did it for all three of my blogs, if anyone has any quicker ways, I'm all ears, eyes and feet.


Monday, October 8, 2007

Blog design

Found the first good resource in terms of blog design from the website, from a woman called Rachel Cunliffe. Its useful so far.


Work on 9/10/2007

I am now working on fully maximizing revenue from my blogging activities. Step one is maximizing on my adsense. I am using the following resources:
1) Google adsense tips from
2) Podcasts from Joel Comm (who, according to makes $15,000 a month including Next Internet Millionaire Podcast and Dr Adsense Podcast (go to itunes and type in these search terms for results).
I am basically going to knuckle down and do as much as I can with Google adsense today and should I finish going through problogger's tips and Joel Comm's tips before the day is through I will move on through the founder of problogger's revenue streams, implementing them on my blog.

Wish me luck,

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What I did today? and "Reasons I Want To Be a Millionaire to be Perfect"......

Today I went to the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) and discovered a lot of great stuff:
1) First of all for some weird reason I thought that ASX was so big that it would take up the whole building on 525 Collins St., Melbourne. I was wrong. they are hardly a drop in the ocean, they have a little office on the 45th floor and a great board on the ground floor where people-with-nothing-to-do hang around and monitor stock prices.

Side note: I noticed that people-with-nothing-to-do in Australia are quite different from people-with-nothing-to-do from Nairobi. To illustrate this I will do a day in the life of a person-with-nothing-to-do from Kenya and Australia.
Kenya: Wakes up at about 6:15 (or earlier AM). Gets a shower, a wash or some form of hygiene-enhancement (a lot of these places, they share thousands of people per tap). Then he oils his skin (I don't think I need to speak to Africans about the evils and the discrimination that goes with being ashy) and puts on his favourite (probably) only suit that he's had for the last oh-so-many years. Then he will step out with a strut that can only be compared to a cock that has just impregnated the whole roost ( I just realized chickens don't get pregant, oh well the metaphor is solid in my eyes....) en route to the bus stop. He can't get to the bus stop without stopping by the shoe shine kid.

The shoe shine kid refers to this fascinating species of individual who can make one shoes shine brighter than the surface of the sun faster than the speed of light thats been kicked out of the house by its wife while being simultaneously able to tell stories to the client and haggle with three customers waiting in a cue.Apologies this digression is long: They are similar to matatu drivers who can use one hand to steer a car screaming down the middle of a road with bumper-to-bumper traffic and the other to 1) select miraa (for the uninitiated it is a legal narcotic in Kenya that takes the form of a stalky leaf and is usually packed in a bunch of a few dozen) from the bunch while 2)adjust the volume on the music system 3) open the window 4) reach for the bribe to the police on the horizon

Digression over!After passing the shoe shine kid, they buy a newspaper. Now this is critical. A newspaper without a suit is like a ying without a yang,a Mbugwa without Atieno (I'm not sure if that's her name, if it is, please research their marriage and put it up on wikipedia, it will definitely make some one smile). And so with his suit, his strut, his shiny shoes and his newspaper he has his status and so he struts on to the bus stop and takes the bus.
Upon arrival at the city-usually alighting at Kencom station- they proceed to....well, they proceed nothing, they sit with their friends and just wait for something to happen.

In Australia I have noticed that people without anything to do tend to dress the part (look shabby and usually don't shave) and spend a lot of daytime hours figuring out if they can compete with the alcohol brewery to see if they can finish all the bottles brewed that day and of course they have welfare, so every so often they actually get the pleasure of seeing money whereas in Kenya entirely different story.

Anyway I am excited because I am one of those who learns best through doing and so I am glad that I got some resources in the form of:
1) Investment expo this weekend at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre (
2) The Australian Technical Analysts Association( A group that "is a non-profit association of both professional technical analysts and anyone who uses technical analysis for private investing, trading or advising." (from
3) I discovered the Educated Investor bookstore across the road from ASX's building Rialto Towers, here there is heaps of information about trading, investing and the like and a great place to start for people who wanna buy books as their avenue to trading.
4) Got the names of a few authors who are apparently gurus on trading: Murphy, Kaufman, Droke Schwager. I'll let you know which resources I choose to use to trade and how they work.
I am mostly excited about the expo and the ATAA because I can leave the house and go and learn by experiencing anyway I'll keep you posted on how they go.

Reasons I Want to Be a Millionaire

Without further ado:
1) To become a modern day Renaissance man.
2) So that I can serve Africa and fulfill my deepest need as a human being,to be significant/important/needed/unique/special, by helping Africans get what they want and need. Zig Ziglar said it best: " You can get anything you want if you help enough people get what they want."
3) So that I can manifest the reality that takes place in my head: I have a lot of places I wanna go, a lot of projects I want to start up, a lot of people that I want to meet and achieving this goal would give me the confidence to pursue other projects and the resources to go after it.
4) So I can be financially free to pursue my MAS projects. The initial one I want to get involved with is to go around interviewing outstanding Africans and putting their ideas, knowledge and wisdom out there so any African kid interested in self-actualization as I am has resources from people like him, and ultimately knowing that people like him achieve too will help him go up the self-actualization ladder (below is an illustration of Abraham Maslow's self-actualization ladder, look his ideas up online, brilliant).

5) I want to go into life-coaching African youth and you can't coach until you succeed and so....
6) I wanna be able to brag to myself that I did it young
7) I am uncomfortable with the fact that I have spent so much of my life doing unimportant things after discovering what was important to me five years ago (including financial freedom).
8) When you set goals way outside your comfort zone, you're forced to grow at a rate you wouldn't have otherwise and I know going after this goal will take me to a whole new level.
And so there you have it ladies gentleman, the fire under my butt everyday to go out and bring myself closer to a million dollars by my 21st birthday on January the 7th 2008.

PS: And of course I am doing it because you only live once and in this one life you gotta dream big and live bigger.

Since I want the type-up of "Reasons I Want To Be a Millionaire to be Perfect"......

I will leave it until tomorrow morning but in the meantime I thought I would share some great information I listened to regarding internet marketing and blogging.It's a show entitled Internet Marketing Unleashed Podcast, and it's episode 28 which can be found:
In addition to that I thought I would share the show that got me started on Internet marketing. It comes from Internet guru Stephen Pierce's program, the Optimization Series (link: -great show btw, the quality of guests cannot be beaten and will include Jim Rohn (the first mentor that powerhouse Anthony Robbins had) in future. It was an interview he did with internet millionaire John Reese on increasing one's virtual real estate and so a year from now when I am paying to attend world class seminars all over the world and learning and serving grass roots organizers all over Mama Africa, John Reese, Jim Rohn, Stephen Pierce and Anthony Robbins are all partly to blame.

Its my bedtime have a phenomenal night with even better dreams.

Melbourne Millions4Good Meetup

What I have done so far?
1) Yesterday night I emailed Darren Rowse, one of the richer bloggers on Earth and founder of, which is a site that teaches people how to make money via blogging ( I am yet to go over the site in great depth but from the exposure I have gotten thus far.....can't recommend it enough, it is a free goldmine) and asked him if he could spare 5 minutes a week to be my blogging mentor, I am believing he will say yes, or I'll make him an offer he can't mother's cooking lol
2) Joined the Millions4Good meetup group on The only meetup that I have signed up for and attended is the Secret group when they had a free screening in Melbourne and I can't recommend of the key ideas that I got from Tony Robbins when I attended his Unleash the Power Within Seminar a couple weeks back is about your peers..............
"love your family but select your peers" i.e. make sure you are consciously choosing your peers on the basis of mutual growth rather than ooops, slipped, fell and landed on her and so if you want to make friends on the basis of your hearts vibrating to the same rhythm (how beautiful is that metaphor, I love it) then make sure you go to Anyway the reason I mention this is because the organizer asked a question (are an aspiring, becoming or certified millionaire and my response is stated below:

"I am in between aspiring and becoming-a.k.a. I am now directing a great deal of my focus on it and have eliminated a lot of fluff to focus on it."

I will write a version 2 of why I wanna be financially free sometime tonight cause I read over what I wrote last night and its duck droppings...escpecially compared to the literary genius that I will unleash tonight.

My favourite words and ideas for now are: polymath/Renaissance man (here is the Wikipedia article:

I will become a modern day polymath mastering and contributing to the knowledge of the African arts,literature, history, psychology, anthropology, sociology, self-actualization (yes its a category..get over it), relationaships, sexuality,religion, wealth-creation, grassroots struggle, politics, language etc etc

Favourite words and ideas of the past: animateur (usually when I hear this word in my head its said by Marissa Tomei and it sounds so seductive), pissed (this is because of how my childhood girl used to say this world, I always told her to start her own 1800 line and just repeat this word over and over again)

Talk to you in a bit

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Reasons I want to be financially free

Why do it? Why submit myself to the potential humiliation? Why cut myself off from going out and partying like other 20 year old kids and instead hole myself up in my parent's house typing on a computer like some masturbating keyboard jockey (I think Star Trek is starting to turn me There are a few reasons among which are:
1) I have always been an proud person who believes I can do anything I want if I work hard for it and I don't want to go against my own identity
2) I want to be able to pay for my own education. There is so much I wanna learn by experiencing rather than by reading it on a computer screen like some silicon valley stud (you see there are nice ways to describe keyboard jockeys). I want to attend seminars on nutrition and the like.....oh I need to go (to be continued....and the tense theme music plays in the back)

Path number one

The first path that I will work on over the course of the weekend is creating revenue through my blogs. My blogs will be on the two primary things that I will spend majority of my time on:
1) Getting interviews with prominent Africans as the first project for my organization MAS.
2) Becoming completely financially free and able to afford expensive education (seminars particularlty) by 2008.

Therefore this weekend I will begin by modelling the work of one of the wealthiest bloggers, Darren Rowse, so that everytime I sit down to write my blog I am not only educating all my future readers, I am also making money and that way I will never go back to nursing again.


Here is the goal: To go from $0 on 7th October 2007 to $1,000,000 on January the 7th 2008. Follow my journey. So far the way I see it I am going to do this in three ways:
1) Share trading
2) Adsense by Google and other website/blog revenue streams
3) Real estate

Alright ladies and gentlemen lets do it and see what happens.