Friday, November 16, 2007

The interconnectedness of things

I am amazed by how interconnected everything I am learning is. Anyone who is familiar with Jay Abraham's work knows that among other great things it centers around a couple of things:
a) Getting the most profit from the least amount of work and constantly scanning one's business and life for windfall profits that have yet to be discovered or exploited.
b) The strategy of preeminence in which the seller transforms into the customer's number one advisor and confidante.
Now contrast that with Yaro Starak from the blogging mastermind and his ideas:
According to him a great blog basically centres around two ideas:
a) Getting the most profit from the least amount of work: To this end, Yaros heavily suggests outsourcing anything that is not one's strength or competency. Side note: A lot of the articles that I have to read as part of Jay's mentorship program encourage one to discover one's passions and competencies and work on those while delegating or outsourcing everything else.

b) That a great money making blog has two components:
* Pillar content: First of all one must know which niche they wish to serve through the information they post on their blog. Then they must create content so compelling and useful to the niche they serve that it can be relevant to the niche years from when it's written and therefore act as an asset in the long term.
*Marketing:One must establish communication channels that will reach maximum numbers of people from the niche one serves. As you would probably know, Jay Abraham's great gift is in marketing.
Again, it's absoloutely fascinating how interconnected everything is and my force and energy is getting concentrated in one direction (financial freedom) with all sources of information guiding me in the same general direction.