Friday, November 16, 2007

The interconnectedness of things

I am amazed by how interconnected everything I am learning is. Anyone who is familiar with Jay Abraham's work knows that among other great things it centers around a couple of things:
a) Getting the most profit from the least amount of work and constantly scanning one's business and life for windfall profits that have yet to be discovered or exploited.
b) The strategy of preeminence in which the seller transforms into the customer's number one advisor and confidante.
Now contrast that with Yaro Starak from the blogging mastermind and his ideas:
According to him a great blog basically centres around two ideas:
a) Getting the most profit from the least amount of work: To this end, Yaros heavily suggests outsourcing anything that is not one's strength or competency. Side note: A lot of the articles that I have to read as part of Jay's mentorship program encourage one to discover one's passions and competencies and work on those while delegating or outsourcing everything else.

b) That a great money making blog has two components:
* Pillar content: First of all one must know which niche they wish to serve through the information they post on their blog. Then they must create content so compelling and useful to the niche they serve that it can be relevant to the niche years from when it's written and therefore act as an asset in the long term.
*Marketing:One must establish communication channels that will reach maximum numbers of people from the niche one serves. As you would probably know, Jay Abraham's great gift is in marketing.
Again, it's absoloutely fascinating how interconnected everything is and my force and energy is getting concentrated in one direction (financial freedom) with all sources of information guiding me in the same general direction.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Internet Marketing

Hey guys,

Just thought I would recommend this site. It's one of the ways I got certain about wanting to be mentored by Jay Abraham it has a large number of free interviews with business and marketing experts. Below is a short description of it. Hope it is useful to me as it has been to me:

"Over 117 Hours of FREE Audio Interviews
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Michael Senoff's is the world's leading
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Take the tour at now at -

Hope that helps,

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quick update

I have been busy moving forward and as a result I have been away from this blog for WAAAAYYYYY TOOOO LONNG but I am back to give a quick update on the huge strides forward I have made in recent days.

1) The articles I read by Dr. Covey and Brian Tracy continue to impact me deeply. I was due to submit my passive self-income audit (basically a 16 page questionaire whereI assess where I'm at) YESTERDAY but I have just been synethesizing and rewriting and as soon as I'm done here I will get right back to the work of finishing it up and sending it off.
2) The mentorship program has a plethora of articles. The articles have a plethora of useful, immediately actionable resources and information. I have decided, rather than going through the articles, 2-3 a day (which is what I have been doing, with limited success), I will go right back to the begining and try to suck every drop of usefulness out of each article especially the Dr. Covey article, the Brian Tracy articles and the current article I am chewing over:
3) John Dudeck on Highest and Best Use: The first idea alone from this article is immediately applicable in my life. It is a challenge for me to find my strengths (like Popeye with his spinach, lol) and my areas of flow. I can't comment on this article too much because it was after reading this first great idea that I immediately felt I had to go back and fully appreciate and integrate the great info I had read from the other articles.

4) I have been focussing on improving my health, diet and far, great, my eating habits have dramatically improved, the 5 kilograms of junk that I took off during Unleash the Power Within(yup, for some reason during those 4 days I dropped 5 kilograms while eating about 6 meals a day and drinking water every half hour......I'm amazed myself). This brings my total fat loss to about 15 kilograms since the begining of the year. I'm working on consolidating the psychology neccesary to not only keep this going but push my body to places that previously would have been unimaginable (including dancing, endurance sports, martial arts etc etc)
5) I joined a Blog Mastermind run by Yaro Starak. Yarro's sends me audio and articles each week to read and APPLY and I have access to a forum where I can ask him and other members of the Mastermind ( we are about 240) questions that will help me commericalize my blog and make $4000-$6000 a month from 2 hours of work like Yarros.

6) The Blog will be moving to Wordpress: The first lesoon from Yarros is on how to transfer to Wordpress and the advantages of using Wordpress. Therefore, this blog and my MAS blog will be moving over there over the course of the next week.
7) I will eliminate my book review/story time blog for lack of time and merge it with this financial freedom blog and my MAS blog.

Finally, I am searching for a life coach because I am getting to the point where I am juggling way too much and my time management skills are very poor. I need someone to help me organize my life better, quantify the important areas of my life with greater clarity, help me uncover the MOST IMPORTANT AREAS TO WORK ON and things I simply shouldn't even work on. I have found a lady who seems quite promising and I will keep you posted on how it all goes.

And, oh yes, I am, also looking for a personal trainer in the health and fitness side. I just finished going through Pete Sisco's ebook. I first heard about Pete and his training methods about four years ago but in my mind I simply assumed he was a con-artist. After emailing a couple of personal trainers, hearing about his methods from Anthony Robbins and doing a bit of research on the net, I have come to see that his training methods are simply controversial but far from pseudo-science or con-artist scams. Therefore I have decided to go through the workouts proposed in his e-book, using, his online strength coach service as a guide. However to avoid mistakes I made in the past including poor form and 'over-exubarance', I'll get a personal trainer. I'll write this up more in my MAS blog

PS: I updated my networth to incorporate the remaining equity in my credit card (so far, I have spent about $4,000 and have about $700 left).

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Networth IQ

You may notice that to the right, there is a scale indicating my financial net worth. The straw that finally broke the camel's back on putting that on the site, BEFORE I start earning money was a coaching session by a man known as Scott Harris who is a trainer for Anthony Robbin's company and the interview I read of Brian Tracy by Jay Abraham. Boiled down into one simple, easy-to apply step it's this:

In any field of human endeavour, there are those few key behaviours that will produce the most singificant change, find out what they are and make sure you measure (i.e. QUANTIFY) your progress because measured behaviour improves whereas unmeasured behaviour may dissipate

With that in mind, I have decided to buy a journal, and I am going to work even harder to get a morning ritual that involves visualization and recording and measuring my progress in my journal. This journal will also record my health and fitness goals which I talk about in my MAS blog.
The legendary Dr. Wayne Dyer

Anyway, just a quick update.