Saturday, November 10, 2007

Internet Marketing

Hey guys,

Just thought I would recommend this site. It's one of the ways I got certain about wanting to be mentored by Jay Abraham it has a large number of free interviews with business and marketing experts. Below is a short description of it. Hope it is useful to me as it has been to me:

"Over 117 Hours of FREE Audio Interviews
With Sales, Marketing and Business Success Experts."

Michael Senoff's is the world's leading
FREE digital audio business library that uses the power of personal
interviews and storytelling to capture and relay the advice of
world-class business experts. Get free audio interviews of the
experience and guidance of business leaders on the subjects of
direct marketing, business buying, writing, effective
advertising, referral marketing, negotiating, product development,
marketing consulting, and the art of how to get free advertising.
Take the tour at now at -

Hope that helps,