Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Update on Jay Abraham's mentorship program

I am so excited because I have been busy as a bee on cordial; Jay has sent out about 30 documents for us to read by the 8th of November when we'll have our first mentor call. I am really getting impacted by articles on having a vision and defining life exactly as I want it. So far I have made the following changes:
1) I had planned to make the money first and THEN go after my life's bliss and purpose.
Instead the articles I have read thus far have really challenged me to INTEGRATE my vision for my life with my financial goals and let the passion from my life's desires spill over, no better yet, drive me, towards my financial goals and that way I'll achieve quicker. It's for that reason that I am now rewriting my life's plan synergizing even further my spiritual, financial, physical, achievement and other goals. Challenging stuff! Below are some key points on articles I have read thus far:

Dr Stephen Covey on Passion
Key insight: Start by thinking about your mission in life and gear EVERYTHING in your life around that. My goal coming into the program was to get passive income streams going AND THEN start pursuing my life's purpose. However Dr. Covey has inspired me to realize that I must pursue my life purpose FIRST and then check and see if passive income is in alignment with it.
Key action step: I must rewrite my self-assessment audit form beginning with my life mission first in mind rather than focussing on passive income first and then life mission second
Key questions: How can one make life planning fun? To me it seems like such a tedious lonely process. What ways have people managed to make it fun?
Jay Abraham interviewed by Anthony Robbins
Key insight: The infinite possibilities for growth if one is willing to measure and quantify the key areas of their life and constantly re-evaluate and re-measure these areas.
Key action step: Begin to quantify the key areas of my life - emotional. physical, monetary, spiritual???- and work out a fun plan of measurement and constant reevaluation.
Key questions: What are the fun systems that already exist to measure key areas that I can model and copy and how can I incorporate them into my day to day life?

Brian Tracy on Paying Yourself What You're Worth
Key insights: When engaging in any economic activity, ask yourself, "how much am I earning per hour doing this?", "Figure out the skill you are weakest at and make it the area of your greatest strength."
Key action steps: I will engage in the goal setting exercise set by Brian Tracy this evening.
Key questions: Perhaps some anecdotes in regards to the weakest skill exercise to support his ideas.
Stephen Covey (Dr. Covey's son) on Trust
Key insight: Trust causes expediency, we should see trust as a way of speeding up the lifting of everyone towards their goals.
Key action steps: Must dedicate myself to the study of how to build rapport with a wide variety of people as opposed to the narrow scope that I currently build rapport with; will begin the search for 'relationship and rapport' models
Key questions: Who are experts in the field of relationship building and rapport that I can model.